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Coloratura Soprano. Actress. Classic Broadway Ingénue. Wonderfully musical nerd. Theatre lover. Bibliophile. Tea connoisseur. French speaker. Disnerd. Wholockian. Vintage. Classic Hollywood. Opera. The Golden Girls. Nancy Drew.



My favorite title for anything ever is "Der Hoelle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" or as it translates to English "The Vengeance of Hell Boils in My Heart" thank you Mozart for this beautiful title

Another reason why the Queen of the Night is the actual best character in Magic Flute.


Did Hotchkiss just bold words randomly, or did she think this would be a textbook or what?

A spread from my winter/spring 2014 sketchbook.
Phoebe Wahl 2014
Performing is


Learning to, ultimately, no matter what fire you portray, be yourself in such a fiercely adamant way that you begin to lose the doubts you had in your ability to contribute to the world, lose the fear you had every time you were faced with the option of stepping over the line, lose the helplessness you felt whenever the slightest thing in your life went wrong.

 ”..All i want is to kiss him and run my hands through his hair.”
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